Balthayock Simon.

A heifer’s calf sired by the well proven easy calving Impression who now has eight national herd leading EBV traits in his pedigree and has many high-priced sons in pedigree herds.


Balthayock Sholto.

His dam is a daughter of the top rated and proven easy calving Impression. His sire the £15/- Elrick Paragon, is proving to be a very easy calving bull who with another new herd sire Balthayock Regal, are together being used very successfully on our pedigree heifers.


Balthayock Samson.

Sired by the highly rated and proven easy calving Impression out of a daughter of a RHS and Royal Welsh Show junior male champion Maerdy Grenadier. I have very reluctantly sold Samson’s full sister privately to a distinguished pedigree breeder at a price I could not refuse.


Balthayock Spartacus.

Sired by one of our new herd sires the £15/- proven easy calving Elrick Paragon out of Balthayock Nessie, the RHS Overall Interbreed Champion in 2019. Her first bull calf by Barbican Lancer, Balthayock Regal has been retained for home use. I am confident that Regal will have a very important part to play in the future of the Balthayock herd.


Balthayock Snowman.

A twin son of the Impression sired Nancy by one of our new herd sires Maerdy Osgood who we shared with the Bombax herd. Sadly we lost him last year before we had had time to use him as much as planned but he has bred well for the Smeatons.


Balthayock Shane.

Another Maerdy Osgood son who shows great promise. Shane’s dam Niche’s first son was sold privately for £7/-. Ugie Echo has sired many high-priced bulls and has bred some of the most prolific and easy calving milky cows in our herd.


Balthayock Solomon.

A blend of the genetics of two of our most successful home bred herd sires Balthayock Imp, a RHS male and junior interbreed champion and the Impression son Balthayock Nevada. Both bulls have bred winners in the show and sale ring which have gone on to sell for high prices.


Balthayock Saltire.

Sired by the Impression son Balthayock Nevada who has consistently bred easy calving bulls with exceptional EBVs for all the most important traits. His dam Insignia was sired by that great bull, the 20,000 guinea Blelack Forester.


Balthayock Simeon.

Sired by Maerdy Osgood out of another daughter of Ugie Echo, the sire of so many successful breeding cows in the Balthayock herd.


Balthayock Sceptre.

Balthayock Nevada has a terminal and replacement EBV of 86 and 83 with sons sold to 16/- guineas. Three of Lilly’s daughters have been retained in the herd.


Balthayock Saul.

A heifer’s calf by the home bred Meteor who has been our first-choice bull to put on our commercial heifers for the last few years. His sire Barbican Lancer through AI fulfilled the same role in the herd for over forty years.


Balthayock Sextus.

A twin son of the high index Balthayock Nevada. We sold a full brother of Sextus in Stirling last October for 16,000 guineas. Mimosa had another set of twins in August this year


Balthayock Sportsman.

Sired by the gold cup winning Perth show champion and RHS class winner Balthayock Loyalist who sired last October’s Stirling junior champion bought by Jan Boomaars for his Vexour herd.


Balthayock Sabre.

Sired by the very promising £15/- Elrick Paragon out of a daughter of Balthayock Imp sire of many high-priced bulls and the male and junior interbreed champion at the RHS in his day.