Balthayock Observer  – Catalogue No.235.

Impression was a champion at his only show outing and is our first choice to use on our pedigree heifers. He has sired many bulls for use on pedigree herds and has exceptional EBVs for all the most important traits.


Balthayock President – Catalogue No. 274.

President’s sire Echo has been a huge success at Balthayock and has sired many high priced sons sold into pedigree and commercial herds. Ferdinand is the sire of the 50/- guinea Justice and the 46/- guinea Minstrel. His daughter Melissa was a 2019 RHS prize winner and a member of the Charolais interbreed team. I think very highly of this young bull who has real potential as a sire in a pedigree herd.


Balthayock Percival – Catalogue No. 303.

We have sold six Impression sons to pedigree herds. His sons have sold to 15,000 guineas. He is an easy calving bull with an exceptional traits for all the most important EBV and our first choice to use on heifers. Percival needs a little more time to fulfil his full potential.


Balthayock Pioneer – Catalogue No. 326.

The 11,000 guinea Gretnahouse Lunar has been used on over 20 of our pedigree heifers for easy calving. Pioneer has exceptional EBVs for easy calving, growth and also for scrotal circumference and eye muscle area.

Balthayock Pedro – Catalogue No. 328.

By the 11,000 guinea Gretnahouse Lunar bought for easy calving and growth performance. He has been used on our cows and heifers and has bred well-muscled sons with very good temperaments. Sadly we lost him to blackleg last winter.


Balthayock Pluto – Catalogue 318.

We use Meteor on our commercial and pedigree heifers for his proven easy calving EBV. We are very pleased with his progeny which are easy fleshed and quick growing cattle ideal for today’s market. Note his exceptional scrotal circumference which is such an important EBV for fertility.