We have entered seven bulls for the October sale at Stirling.

Balthayock Northwind (Catalogue No. 511).

A son of the proven easy calving Balthayock Impression whose sons have sold to £15,000. Last year we sold five of his sons to pedigree herds.  Hannah is a daughter of Balthayock Emerald the dam of the 50,000 guinea Balthayock Justice.  He carries all the genetic qualifications to be an ideal bull to use on heifers for easy calving.


Balthayock Otto (Catalogue No. 597).

A son of Ugie Echo who has been such a success for us at Balthayock. We bought him from Jimmy Wilson because of his easy calving EBV and for his good nature and excellent feet and planned to use him on our heifers. He has excelled in this role and has bred us some outstanding bulls many of which have gone to pedigree herds including Balthayock Jonathan bought by Peter Donger for 13.000 gns and twin bull calves that we sold for 24,000 gns. Flavia’s other sons have all sold for in excess of 5,000 gns. She is a particularly good milker with a milk EBV of 25.


Balthayock Optimist (Catalogue No. 600).

A son of the highly rated Balthayock Ferdinand who has bred us so many high priced and outstanding bulls including Balthayock Justice sold to the late Gilbert Crawford for 50,000 guineas and Balthayock Minstrel sold to Bill Bruce and Neil Barclay for 46,000 guineas.


Balthayock Overlord (Catalogue No. 604).

A son of the highly rated Balthayock Ferdinand, the sire of our two highest priced bulls sold for 50,000 and 46,000 guineas into distinguished pedigree herds. His dam Balthayock Gold has sold sons to 16,000 guineas. Her dam Fauvette was a very long lasting breeding cow with twelve calves to her credit including Balthayock Ulex sold to the Goldie herd.


Balthayock Octavian (Catalogue No. 609).

A very handsome son of the highly rated Balthayock Ferdinand, sire of our two highest priced bulls that are breeding so well in three pedigree herds. His dam Emily has had eight calves and her four bull calves have sold to average £8750 to a top of 14.000 guineas. Octavian was reserve male champion to his herd mate Nevada at the Alyth show and reserve male champion at Perth, this time to the overall Champion of Champions Balthayock Loyalist.


Balthayock Oscar (Catalogue No. 611).

A son of the very successful Ugie Echo who has been one of the main bulls we have used on our heifers for many years because of his EBVs for easy calving and scrotal circumference and his excellent feet and very friendly nature. His sons have sold for up to 13,000 guineas. His grandfather, Swalesmoor Cracker, on his mother’s side has sired 134 calves at Balthayock who have inherited his exceptional live weight gain characteristics and milk in his daughters. Among many successful sons now being used in pedigree herds is Balthayock Impression, who we kept and whose semen we use as first choice on our heifers.


Balthayock Oberon (Catalogue No. 625).

He is a heifer’s calf and the first son of Gretnahouse Lunar that we have offered for sale. I am very impressed with Lunar’s calves which are easily fleshed and his sons are growing into just the right size of bull for today’s market. Lunar is an exceptionally good worker and his easy calving EBV has proved to be very accurate and we have used him on many of our heifers. I am very confident that Oberon will prove to be as easy calving and fertile as his father as his calving ease EBV suggests.